wap.freemail.lt Help

freemail.lt launches a new wap.freemail.lt service, which is a yet another service brought to you. wap.freemail.lt service is for the owners of mobile communication facilities. This service is free, just like all the other freemail.lt projects. Now the users of the freemail.lt e-mail system who own mobile WAP-phones can read, send, and otherwise manage their mail directly from their phone.

What do you need to use wap.freemail.lt?

The only thing you need to use the www.freemail.lt service is a mailbox in the freemail.lt e-mail system. Anyone can register and get a free e-mailbox at www.freemail.lt. Those who are already registered with freemail.lt also automatically gain access to the wap.freemail.lt service.


How to use the WAP-interface?

The interface includes objects and sets of options. A set of options is a set of all actions that one can perform with an object of the WAP-interface. To perform the desired action with an object of the WAP-interface:

1. Use scrolling of your mobile to select the object;
2. Press the "options" (or a similar, depending on the model of your mobile) button on your phone;
3. Use scrolling to select the desired action..


What can wap.freemail.lt do?

When using the wap.freemail.lt service you can receive new messages, manage the messages in the folders, and send messages. WAP-interface preserves the navigation, structure, and functionality of the Web-interface of the freemail.lt system. All the settings of your mailbox that you have selected in the Configurations and Preferences are preserved when you use the wap.freemail.lt service. The interface of the wap.freemail.lt service preserves the hierarchy of the folders in your mailbox that has been created in the Web-interface of the freemail.lt e-mail system. All who want to check how comfortable the wap.freemail.lt service can be, and those who are going to purchase a mobile phone and doubt if they need WAP-protocol support, are welcome to download the WAP emulation program and test the service in the "battle" conditions. One of the emulators can be downloaded from the JSC Numeric Algorithm Laboratories site.


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