About Us: Why FREEMAIL.LT?

Hotmail, Yahoo, Netaddress - so many free mail services. Why another one?

  • We speak Lithuanian and do our best to help you read your mail in all languages without headaches. If you need our help, we'll answer you promptly in Lithuanian or in English;
  • We are happy to tell you that the e-mail address jonas@freemail.lt is not in use yet. This address is easy to remember, and you can whisper it in some pretty ear. Note that your address won't depend on your provider - you can change them as often as you like while keeping your address the same;
  • We don't push our users to read their mail only in Netscape or Explorer. If you prefer Pegasus, Eudora or The Bat, you can get your mail from our POP3 server. However, don't forget that you can use our Web interface. First, it is pretty convenient, and second, it lets you read your mail on a business trip in Mongolia or on holidays in Tunis;
  • The size of your mailbox is restricted to 2 MegaBytes. We consider it enough, but if that puts you down, we are ready to reconsider it;
  • We are located much closer to Lithuanian users than Yahoo or Hotmail and watch that our servers are not overloaded;
  • We are very strict about SPAM and seriously intend to prevent using FREEMAIL.LT from any unsolicited actions;
  • The information about you or your mail will never be given or traded to third parties. On the other hand, you may tell about us to anybody. If you wish to place our banner on your page, you may choose one at the special page. Of course, the banner placed on your page should be linked to http://www.freemail.lt;
  • We have a very convenient web-mail and we keep working on improving it.

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